backups dont send email notification

Short: When my server runs backups it doesnt send email notifications, even though it is set up to.

I have my vm gpl 3.59 set up to backup all virtual servers twice per week using ssh to another server, it is set to transfer each server as it’s backup completes, and to use one file per server, not the old format.

Recently I had a need to restore a backup for one virtual server after not checking on the backup system for about a month. I do know it worked completely before, and up to mid June. At this point, in the proper directory there was only one virtual server backed up, crazy luckily it was the one I needed to restore. However when I went to restore the backup, it said the tar.gz was corrupt and couldn’t be restored. So I extracted the tar.gz and found only the home directory of the server, again luckily that was all I needed. I also noticed that I had not received notification emails for the server backups since mid June. So, the broken site restored (manually), I went to looking at the backup settings and found nothing wrong. So to force it to save itself again, and to test it, I changed the days from sun and wed to sat and wed, and the time from midnight to 9:50 (so i could watch). It ran and seems to have completed successfully backup up all servers, however it still sent no notification email. There is no attempt to send an email in the mail log, and virtualmin has no problem mailing me for other things. I tested this by breaking my memory threshold on my memory monitor and received a prompt email that the memory monitor found the problem.

All this said, if it is set to send an email, (ie the box to send only on failure is not marked), how can I find out why it isn’t if there isnt even a message about it at all in any mail logs?

I also tested the email address it is set to send to, and it functions properly.

sounds like a bug to me.
per haps issue a ticket at the bugtracker?

As ronald mentioned, if it’s configured to send notifications about backups, and it doesn’t, that’d be a bug, though not one I’ve heard about.

It’d be worth scheduling a time when you can watch the maillog/mail.log to see where the message goes (or if a message is sent at all).

If this is a bug, I think there would be more than just me involved. I manually ran that test, and it ran the backups and sent no email. I have just now gotten the time to check on yesterdays backups…and there is only the one server in there again. No email, and when i extract the file, i get an unexpected EOF error. I will submit a bug report. And mail logs show no attempt to send emails at all.

Ok, so this probably is a bug related to other randomly different occurrences with the backup system lately. I should have searched the bug lists… be gentle as you stone me for my mistake.