Backups - Amazon S3 storage encryption


I can’t find a reference to this anywhere, but is it possible to turn on encrypted objects for backups to Amazon S3 buckets?
From the AWS documentation, it seems that it’s a relatively simple case of adding a header to the request to enable server-side encryption.

I have a client looking for a hosting solution, and encrypting all the data is a requirement. I’d almost certainly be looking at using Virtualmin Pro, but looking elsewhere in the forums, it looks like the transit of backups to the external provider may not be encrypted either, so the above might be a moot point. I’m thinking that I may be better off just running something separate from Virtualmin to deal with the backups?

I’d welcome any views.

I would like to know about this as well. Given that the backup contains not just websites (mostly public in nature) but emails as well (private in nature), it would awesome to get an encryption option for external storage, such as S3.