Backup virtualmin

Hello everyone !!
I did a backup on my pc and that’s what I got , but I cannot understand this backup structure as you see below, like it isn’t readable , is this means that backup is just for virtualmin/webmin ? Any explanations PLZ

The backup is just a tarball (a gzipped tar file), with some additional metadata. I don’t know what you’re looking at.

what I mean if I want to extract the source code of my website via this backup , it is not possible because it is a tarball ??

Of course it is possible. It’s just a tarball created using tar/gzip, and can be extracted using tar/gunzip (or tar zxf). Depending on the format of your backup, you may have multiple tarballs within as well, but again…just tarballs. There is nothing secret or obfuscated about it.

Okay Thank you !!

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