Backup Virtualmin and Webmin

I have scheduled backups happening right now (setup through virtualmin control panel) but I am just backing up to the local drive on the linux machine. I am wanting to backup to another windows PC on the network but I can not find out how to do this. I have samba set up and can see the PC.

Any suggestions?



Well, the key would be to figure out how to use Samba to mount a share from your Windows box.

If Samba is setup and working, at that point you should be able to mount the share locally using something like:

mount -t smbfs -o username=<username>,password=<password> //<win-box>/<share> /mnt/<name-of-mountpoint>

(there’s lots of other ways to accomplish the above too)

After that, you can just tell your backup in Virtualmin to save the files in /mnt/<name-of-mountpoint>

Does that help?

Thanks for the help. This worked.