Backup Virtual Servers Backup failed : Failed to w

I have recently started using Virtualmin GPL.
Backup Virutal Servers is failing becuase the Default Temporary files directory (/tmp/.webmin) is only 1GB capacity. This only happens when backing up websites with a total size of over 1GB

error message
Backup failed : Failed to write to /tmp/.webmin/210577_1_backup.cgi/domain.com_web when closing : No space left on device

I can get around the problem by changing the Default Temporary files directory to /home/tmp which has plenty of space.

Is it safe to change the Temporary files directory?
How will it effect the performance of the server?

The best way to do this is setting the webmin temp directory to a bigger spot on the partition like you did and it doesn’t effect anything.

BTW you might want to change the temp directory for usermin as well.