Backup virtual server


I was just thinking about backup and whether to backup my blogs via wordpress plugins or via Virtualmin.
What I like about cpanel is that their backup of mysql creates perfect backup (i guess it dumps file, when I wanted to export my blog db via phpmyadmin, it failed at import, so its really important for me to have similar option like cpanel)

What is backed up wtih function backup virtual server?
Files of directory of a virtual server or my sql as well?

Is there an option to backup config of Virtualmin / Webmin?


Virtualmin backups contain everything you need to restore the domain in its entirety… settings, DNS zone, files, email, databases etc. Just take a look at the “features to backup” when you create a schedule. :slight_smile: And yes, you can backup Virtualmin config too, same here, take a look at the options when creating a schedule.