Backup user and id_dsa key

Is it possible to let backuping user login via ssh key?

If I will generate key for him and setup authorized_key at store machne will this work?

I want to disable password login on all my boxes - I don’t want to see POSSIBLE BRAKIN ATTEMPs anymore in logs.

Thanks a lot.

If I remember correctly, the SSH connection is performed as the root user.

So if you setup SSH keys for connecting from root to your backup server, it should also work for the backups themselves.

The “Possible Breakin Attempt” messages usually have another message with it stating why that’s occuring – but they are frequently because the server you’re connecting from doesn’t have reverse DNS setup. You may want to double-check that you have that working – if not, your ISP/provider can set that up for you.


Thanks Eric, but I have disabled root ssh login and I got revers set correctly. By possible brakin attemp I ment bruteforce ssh dictionary attacks. No problem I will try to protect boxes other way.

But when you setup backuping schedule - you also setup username and password for ssh login.

Thanks for reply.


I’m not saying you have to login to your backup server as root.

I’m saying that on your server running Virtualmin, that I believe the root user on that system is used while making the connection – regardless of what user you connect to your backup server as.

So, on the Virtualmin server (the one being backed up), you could add the SSH keys into /root/.ssh/ – and then connect as your non-root user to the backup server.

And with that, you can keep root disabled as you have been.

Does that do what you’re after?