Backup to NAS hanging after completion


When I do a backup to my NAS mounted storage, it creates the TAR fine and even says “completed in X minutes” but then it hangs preventing it going to the next action. The process remains hanging indefinitely.

It doesn’t get past creating: which remains at 0 bytes.

Please can someone help?


Can you show the log output of where it’s hanging?

Also, what type of backup are you performing… FTP? SSH?


I’ve attached some screenshots, I hope this is helpful?

Screenshot references:

  1. Starting the backup: I have tried many other settings. This problem only exists with NAS storage, standard local disk is fine for me.

  2. Backup complete: Allegedly.

  3. Destination folder: This shows it hasn’t progressed past the lock file which is at 0 bytes.

  4. Backup hanging: Here’s a new backup failing due to the previous one not completing after all.