Backup To Another Server

Hi Guys,

Right I have two servers, one running Virtualmin and one running Webmin, both these servers are clustered together, and I was using cluster copy file between the servers, but that has just caused me a massive bill because Ive just gone over my bandwidth.

Basically I keep all my backups for a week on my Virtualmin server, and these were being copied over every night (the same backups for 7 days in a row) to my Webmin server (where I keep backups for a month).

Now I need to figure out a cheaper less bandwidth way, maybe rsync? But how can I do this? I can’t do this on cluster copy files.

I would only need to sync the latest backup file.

On my server I have the backups set out as:


/backup/Virtualmin/[date in dd-mm-yyyy]/[each site backup]
/backup/Webmin/[current webmin settings backup]