Backup Restore Question


i have created a file / db Backup from one of my virtual servers which resulted in a servername.tar.gz - but when i unpack this file i receive 2 files:

But how can i use them?
I tried to tar x them with no avial.

I do need the files within those backup outside from virtualmin

Apreciate any tip!

If you don’t actually intend to try and understand the internal structure of Virtualmin backup archives, the intended use case for those file is in Virtualmin’s own Restore function. :slight_smile:


Hrm, I’m not sure I recognize that particular backup format though.

Normally, Virtualmin has all of the home directory data in the root of the archive, you should see that right away after untarring it.

Additionally, there should be a special folder named “.backup” that contains Virtual Server settings and your databases.

However, if you want to know what those files are, you can run the command “file servername_dir”. The “file” command will look at the data and tell you what it is, which would hopefully help you access what you’re after.


thanks @locutus for wasting so much letter for nothing…

What i need is a backup - html and sql only - of all my virtualmin servers.
I need to transfer them locally and have the files for a non virtualmin test server environment - so using the virtualmin restore would not be possible - i was that clever as well…

But i will make the backup using another tool than - although i dont see the point of the build in one than :slight_smile:

Anyways, thanks.

The built-in one definitely has a point - namely to restore the backups in Virtualmin itself, which works very nicely in general. :slight_smile:

If you need just the home directory contents and the SQL databases, it’s probably easier to simply TGZ the home directory, and use the tool mysqldump to extract the DB contents to an SQL script file.