Backup Restore failed help ;/

Ok the restore failed but Ive fixed the problem why this happened but there are the backup files I uploaded stored? if they still are? ,Ive just spent 4 hours uploading only for it to have failed. Are they still on the server somewhere?

please tell me they are :smiley:

I restored via the “Restore Backup” on the virtualmin backup and restore



If you uploaded files to the server, than they should be sitting where they were placed… they wouldn’t be deleted after a restore.

So where ever they were the first time you performed the restore – they should still be sitting there.


Opps sorry eric forgot to say I ftp’ed them up with the ftp option, There was no option to pick where I could save them

Ah, are you saying that, when performing the restore – you used an FTP Server as the source for the backup file?

If that’s the case, Virtualmin would not keep the backup locally after performing the restore.

That is, it would copy it locally, into /tmp/.webmin by default, perform the restore, and then delete the local copy – preserving only the copy on the FTP server.

You can of course double-check that it was in fact removed from /tmp/.webmin, but in theory the only remaining copy should be on that FTP server.


If you intend to perform the restore multiple times without re-uploading, you need to transfer the backup file to the target server beforehand, e.g. through SCP, and then use that local file as restore source.

Thanks for the info peeps, I had to reupload it all.