Backup Recovery - Nginx log disappeared and other problems

*Operating system: Linux Centos
OS version: 8
Server Nginx

After the partial restore from a virtuamin backup I have some strange problems.

1- In Webmin> Server> NGINX web server I found these changes:

“Virtual” hosts /home/ Before the restore it was only;

“IP address” /home/myvideoimage192.168.1.13 before the backup was only

2- I also found these changes inside the Nginx configuration file. In the Virtualmin> Logs> tab, the error and access logs to the Nginx server have disappeared.

3- In the Virtualmin tab> Server configuration> Website options> The option “PHP FCGId subprocesses” has disappeared and therefore I cannot set them. “How to execute PHP script” option FCGId is not selected. All very strange.

Do you have any idea what happened?

Thank you

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