Backup of alias servers fail if you rename the admin username

A couple of times I have created a primary server ‘’ and the automatic admin username was created as ‘foo’. I didn’t want ‘foo’, so I renamed the username to ‘fooweb’. The completes successfully and changes the user home directory from ‘/home/foo’ to ‘/home/fooweb’.

After this backups for the primary server still works fine, however the backups for any aliases fail. This appears to be because the alias backups still try to create the ‘.backup’ folder in the old home folder location that would have existed before the username changed from ‘foo’ to ‘fooweb’:

Creating backup for virtual server ..
.. failed to create temporary backup directory /home/foo/domains/aliasname/.backup : mkdir: cannot create directory '/home/foo/domains/aliasname/.backup': No such file or directory

I guess this is a bug with the username renaming algorithm. I am currently running 6.01-3, but it could have been an slightly older version from a couple months back when I renamed the usernames affected by this problem.

In the meantime, can I manually correct this? Where is the old backup location being stored that the backup script is picking up? I couldn’t spot where in /etc/webmin that might be found?