backup multiple domain into a single remote server


is it possible to backup all domain into a remote server (with SSH) ?

I don’t find the parameters to name each backup, I mean, virtualmin erase the last uploaded domain when it backups and name it as the dans name
My file name’s configuration is “/home/remotebackup/Backups/%a”

Thank you very much for your help



Using “/home/remotebackup/Backups/%a” as a directory name should do what you’re describing… you should get all your Virtualmin backups in a directory named after the current day of the week (the %a).

However, one thing to make sure of is to verify that in the “Edit Backup Schedule” screen in Virtualmin, that "Do strftime-style time substitutions on file or directory name " is checked.

Also, you’d want to make sure that “Create destination directory?” is checked.


Thank you for your answer.

It create a file name “Tue” ( I tried today as you can guess :slight_smile: ) but doesn’t create a directory.

When a domain is upload, it’s always upload as “Tue” and erase the last upload.

I checked what you said and it’s already like this…

Thank you