backup is not backingup everything!


Thanks for your great product.

I have a backup issue!

any folder with the name “logs” is not backed up, is it normal with virtualmin?



Hmm, in the Scheduled Backups screen, under the Features and Settings section, is an option named “Features to backup”.

In there, is the “Include Log Files” option selected?


hello andreychek

Yes it was ticked, I tested with and without and still those folders are not included


any news my friends?

I made a new test on a clean machine

if the “Include Log Files” is selected then all folder is included in the backup files. meanwhile if that option is not selected then any folders with the name “logs” is not included in the backup no matter where is it placed.

I believe that any file under the home dir is not a log file related to the server logs, please fix it because I have an application that use “logs” as web element and that broke the site when it was restored from a hard disk crash


Yeah it sounds like the backup process is excluding the “logs” directory generically, rather than $HOME/logs/ specifically.

I do think you’re correct that this is unexpected and can cause problems.

My suggestion would be to file a bug report, and Jamie will work with you to correct that.

You can file a bug report using the “Suppport” link above.



Thanks Eric (andreychek)

I am filing the bug now.

I filed a bug report at