Backup fails when both VirtualMin and Webmin do backup

Hi guys. There’s a curious situation that happened.

I have two backups configured:

  1. VirtualMin: full backup of servers each Sunday at midnight and uploads under a folder (on FTP):
    /backup/full/YYYY_MM_DD-HH_MM_SS/<tar archives for servers, one archive per server>
  2. Webmin: full backup of general settings, made in (on FTP - same server): /backup/webmin.tar.gz
    (each Sunday at midnight)

What happens is that during the backup of Webmin, soon after the VirtualMin will also start and it seems that this situation occurs:
Creating backup for virtual server … failed to create temporary backup directory /home//.backup : mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home//.backup’: File exists

Soon after this first one, the rest (other 23 servers) are OK.

My question is: does Webmin backup also create the .backup directory inside the home of each virtual server? If yes then it means they conflict (Virtualmin itself and Webmin created directory).

If not, how can I debug this further more? I saw some perl scripts called in cascade (one is a wrapper for the main which tells an argument to it), but I have no time to try and reverse engineer.

NOTE I did not tried to reproduce, but I think this is the only explanation that could be since there is only one way to create a directory for backup (from Webmin backup) before the backup for that server runs (from Virtualmin backup).

Also NOTE that VirtualMin WON’T report that the backup failed!

Report at the end is: 24 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors.

I’ll ask Jamie to take a look at this. Sounds like a bug. Virtualmin should certainly report a backup failure, and Webmin and Virtualmin backups should be mutually compatible.

These shouldn’t conflict at all, as they use completely different mechanisms - and the Webmin backup doesn’t create a .backup directory under domain homes. However, running two different Virtualmin backups at the same time might conflict like this.