Backup fails to dump remote database

OS type and version: CentOS Linux 7.9.2009 REQUIRED
Webmin version:1.980 REQUIRED
Virtualmin version:6.16 REQUIRED
Related products version:Aurora Serverless MySQL 5.7 compatible RECOMMENDED

I’ve migrated a Virtualmin box to AWS.
There, I’m using Aurora Serverless MySQL 5.7 compatible for all my domains.
Everything works great except the backup.
All domains fail to dump the database, with the following message:

dump failed! Warning: A partial dump from a server that has GTIDs will by default include the GTIDs of all transactions, even those that changed suppressed parts of the database. If you don't want to restore GTIDs, pass --set-gtid-purged=OFF. To make a complete dump, pass --all-databases --triggers --routines --events. 
mysqldump: Got error: 1049: Unknown database '2' when selecting the database

It says Unknown database ‘2’ … for all domains. I don’t have a ‘2’ database on any domain…
Please advise
Thank you

Anyone, please?

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