Backup fails if user is close to quota limit

One of our servers (Debian 6.0.10 Squeeze) scheduled virtualmin backups fail if the user is close to the quota limit: 878.64 MB of 1000 MB (87%).

The MySQL backup reports:

Creating backup for virtual server .. [...] Dumping MySQL database example_database .. .. dump failed! mysqldump: Got errno 122 on write [...]

“Got errno 122 on write” is a typical error for disk space or quota issues. So, I assume, this is a side effect of the latest virtualmin update, which now runs backups as the user (not root any more) and therefore consumes disk space and the user’s quota while creating the backup.

The interesting thing on this server is, that it has one partition only:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1 34G 16G 17G 49% / tmpfs 512M 0 512M 0% /lib/init/rw udev 512M 0 512M 0% /dev tmpfs 512M 0 512M 0% /dev/shm none 512M 0 512M 0% /dev/shm

…and quota is enabled on this partition:

# quotaon -pa group quota on / (/dev/root) is on user quota on / (/dev/root) is on

Any ideas?

I forgot to mention: if I set the quota of this user to UNLIMITED and run the backup again, it works :slight_smile:

My workaround at the moment is to use the “command to run before backup” functionality:

virtualmin modify-domain --domain --quota UNLIMITED --uquota UNLIMITED

…and the “command to run after backup”:

virtualmin modify-domain --domain --quota 1024000 --uquota 1024000

Not an ideal solution, because I can not predict if other users will run into the same problem of course and setting the quota (here: 1000 MB) kind of hard-coded is a woefully solution, too.


That issue came up in the initial 4.13 release.

The updated 4.13-2 version that was pushed out should handle the quota issue… there’s some additional details regarding that available here:

Let us know if using 4.13-2 takes care of that issue for you.


Weird… package “webmin-virtual-server” version 4.13.gpl-2 is currently installed on this machine.
I will monitor the backups over the next days and report back next week.

Thanks, andreychek.

Hi there,

The problem still exists. Package webmin-virtual-server-4.13.gpl-2 is installed and the user consumes approx. 90% of his server quota. The backups fail when writing the MySQL backup:

Dumping MySQL database example_database .. .. dump failed! mysqldump: Got errno 122 on write

I also got a virtuamin warning via email (“Disk quota exceeded”) at the same time:

Disk usage for group exmaple on filesystem / has reached 100% of the allowed quota.

1000.42 MB of disk space is being used, out of a maximum of 1000 MB.

I appreciate any suggestions (I re-instituted my workaround mentioned above).