Backup fails, caching wrong credentials?

Operating system: Centos
OS version: 8

Not been a problem before but since webmin 1.962 and virtualmin 6.14 pro using authentic theme - backups randomly just stops with the error failed login message. After checking permissions and other basic stuff, still cant identify the problem. User account for the backup service which is located on another server is correct and I can logon fine using ftp client/ other tools.

After scratching my bald head for hours. Using Chrome, I switched to Firefox in incognito mode and pasted the same password into the scheduled backup. It worked and the backups are working fine in manual and scheduled mode. However, after a while (hours/days) the issue appears to replicate itself here too.

So my question is that when a backup is being edited, something is passing or caching the password of another account, auto fills the entry even though you dont want it and put something else manually. Tried to search for this but could not find anything hence this post.

Not sure if others have experienced similar with the authentic theme? My Chrome/Firefox cache need cleared? Browser extension that needs removed/disabled? I tried to switch theme to old one but hopeless to use.

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