Backup fails after change of bucket

Hi all.

I have a daily scheduled backup that will upload the resulting files to an S3 bucket, and it’s been working perfectly.

That is, until I changed the name of the bucket that the backup files will be uploaded to. I simply changed a 1 to a 2 in the bucket name; nothing else.

All of a sudden, 4 out of 5 backups finishes with this error:

Uploading archive to Amazon's S3 service .. .. upload failed! Empty response to HTTP request. Headers were :

If I change the target bucket name back to the old one, everything works perfectly fine again.

Anybody else experienced this?

Just an update on this.

The problem only appear to happen on buckets created in Ireland. If I choose the US-Default location for backups, it works fine.


I’m not 100% sure how backing up to Amazon works, but I am assuming you have to update the path in Virtualmin as well. Did you do that? The only reason I ask is because you didn’t specify where you made the changes to the Bucket name.

In addition, you could probably delete the backup information for the Bucket and then recreate it under the new name in Virtualmin.



I created a new bucket in S3, then updated the path in Virtualmin to point to the new S3 bucket.
Then the problems started (when using the EU location for buckets): 4 out of 5 times, the backups would fail.

After creating yet another bucket (in US Default), everything works fine.