Backup Failed: 5 Backups Running, None listed in Backup viewer

Hi All

I’m getting the error

There are currently 5 backups running, and the system-wide limit is 5

Yet when I view the backups in

Running Backups
No Virtualmin backups are currently running.

I also used to close any additional scripts running, however I only have two of the running as well. Restarting webmin and usermin services doesnt help either.

Please advise further.

Kindest Regards

Alex Nicol

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This also happens if I run a backup in background.

If I a run a “Backup Now” It completes without issue.

I have no updates to run that I can see in either the virtualmin homepage or though yum update.

Kind Regards

Alex Nicol


Hmm, could you post a screenshot of what your Backup and Restore -> Scheduled Backups screen looks like?


Hi Eric

Unable to attach, please contact site admin, so I’ve put it here:-

CLI backups also work without error.

Kind Regards

Alex Nicol


What if you manually run that particular backup – does it work in that case?

You can manually run it by going into the Scheduled Backups screen, and clicking the “Backup” button. You’ll then back a choice to either “Backup now” or “Backup in background”.

Either of those is fine, I’m just curious if either of them work for you.


I get the same results with any of the backups listed. The only thing I haven’t done is delete them all and recreate them, or restart the server

Backup now will work fine.

Backup in Background will email me instantaneously and give the error above.


Could you post the output of the command “ps auxwf”?

That will show all the running processes on your server – I’m wondering if maybe there are some “stuck” backup processes listed in there for some reason.


Upon running the above I saw several processes. I have killed these and will let you know how I get on tomorrow, as scheduled backups run at midnight tonight.

Thanks for your help as always.

Kind Regards


Absolutely Spot on as always.

I was using ps -A | grep

which was returning 0 results

ps -auxwf | grep

returned multiple results. Killing these processes resolved the problem and all backups completed without issue.

Thanks again.

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Hey that’s great, I’m glad that you were able to resolve that!

I’m not sure how those backup processes got stuck there, that certainly shouldn’t happen. If you find that keeps occurring, let us know so we can look deeper into that.

But in the meantime,I’m glad it’s working, and hopefully you won’t see any further problems!