Backup Error


I always get an Error, when I made a Backup with an Date Stamp. strftime-style time is ticked on. What can I do against that?

Uploading archive to SSH server BACKUPSERVER …
… upload failed! root@BACKUPSERVER’s password:
/tmp/.webmin/28162-20_09_2013__ 7_00_kundeninterface/ No such file or directory

You might want to check the /tmp directory, if it exists, is not full, has the right permissions, whether the .webmin subdirectory exists, if Virtualmin can create the temporary backup file, etc.


Normal Backups without strftime-style works great. Because that this is really strange. I have this Problem on all Virtualmin Systems I use. Or is that propably a bug with OpenVZ?



That is an unusual issue! I haven’t been able to reproduce that.

And while we do frequently see problems with OpenVZ, they’re typically resource related… it sounds like you’re saying backups work fine, unless strftime is enabled.

I’m curious though, if you could take a peek at your /proc/user_beancounters file. At the far right, is a column named “failcnt”.

If that column contains any non-zero numbers, that indicates a problem of some sort.

Take a look at that, and then run the backup with strftime enabled… do any of the failcnt fields increase?