Backup BIND DNS server configuration

Id I do a backup of Virtualmin configuration.

I check all checkboxes under the “Virtualmin settings to also backup” option, does it also backup the configuration of BIND DNS server?

There are only these checkboxes:

Module configuration
Server templates and plans
New mailbox email messages
Custom fields, links and shells
Scheduled Virtualmin backups
FTP directory restrictions

So I am not sure (maybe the BIND DNS server backup is included in the Module configuration?).


Whenever you generate a backup of a Virtual Server, it would by default include the BIND DNS settings for that domain.

So if you backup all of your Virtual Servers, you should have all the DNS settings setup for the domains you’re hosting.

Does that answer your question?



Thanks Eric.

So if I backup all of my virtual servers and then in case of hardware failure I will reinstall Virtualmin and restore the virtual servers from the backup, I don’t have to configure the DNS server again?

I’m just asking because it took me quite a while to configure my DNS properly.


Well, first off, I’d suggest never blindly trusting that a backup is doing what you expect… I always recommend testing all your backups to make sure you have the data available that you need in case something goes wrong.

You may want to setup Linux inside a Virtual Machine of some sort, such as in Vmware or Virtualbox, install Virtualmin in that, and restore you backups. Then, review what all was restored, and make sure that contains what all you need.

When Virtualmin generates backups for the various Virtual Servers, it’s backing up the zone file information that’s related to the specific domains setup and controlled on your server.

It also backs up a lot of Webmin/Virtualmin related config information.

But custom changes to files in /etc may not get backed up if it’s not somehow related to a Virtual Server.

The only way to know for sure would be to either test your backups to see what’s being backed up, or simply make a full backup of your /etc directory each night, which certainly wouldn’t hurt. That’s what I do, as I like having more than one copy of data I consider important :slight_smile: