Backup and ftp / other webmin


I’ve 2 vps and in the first has a software that I’ve developed.
Now: I’d like that the backup of the first vps is saved into the second vps (through ftp or other…)

Both of them has Virtualmin installed.
Is there a method to do this?

If the software that you have developed is installed on one of the virtual servers of Virtualmin then you just need to use Virtualmin’s backup functionality to backup the virtual server from one Virtualmin VPS and restore it on the other. However if your software resides outside the /home directory then you will have to look at something like rsync or even lftp rather than ftp.


how I can make a “rsync” from one vps to another?

rsync -avz -e ssh /some/small/directory/

Uhm. And can I run it after a backup?

So at the place of “/some/small/directory” I put a zip file.

rsync will transfer all files (one or more) in the source directory to the destination, when it is called in the way I have outlined.

Be careful with the the trailing slash, @asimpledeveloper. A trailing slash in the source directory causes rsync to copy only the contents of the source directory. Omitting the trailing slash causes rsync to copy both the directory name and its contents to the destination.

See for more

Thanks for the reply @calport.

But I’ve got another question: you said this.

My software is installed in one virtual server. Currently, my backup is a zip file (that contains everything)…but under “Destination and format” I see a menu “Backup destinations”, with 2 options:
Webmin server and Ftp server. What is the difference between them?

Another question: if I select FTP server (apparently, this seems the best solution for my zip file), I see a label: “File on server” … what is this?

Thanks again!

If the destination server, i.e. the server on which the backup / zip file will be stored, supports the FTP protocol and you have valid FTP credentials, then you could use the FTP option of Virtualmin’s backup. Alternatively you could use the SSH option if you have the the credentials. FTP and SSH each have their pros and cons but that’s a discussion for another day. Either or both will transfer your backup to another server.

File on server is the name of the file on the destination server under which your current backup will be stored.

Thanks for your reply.

Last question: for the name of the server, I’d like the “day/month/year hour/minutes” of the backup running.
Like the local backup. I’ve put the “%d-%m-%Y-%H-%M” string in that field, but the folder name is “%d-%m-%Y-%H-%M” LOL

Use ssh FTP is dead.

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