Backing up Virtual servers missing FTP users

I am rather new to Virtualmin so I hope I don’t offend anyone.

I have a 2 server configuration one is Primary the other is a backup. Every night I run two scheduled crons jobs that I created in the Webmin console to backup my primary server to a share mounted from the backup server.

Real simple:

Backup all virtual domains
/usr/sbin/virtualmin backup-domain --dest /mnt/backups/ --all-domains --all-features --newformat

Backup Virtualmin
/usr/sbin/virtualmin backup-domain --dest /mnt/backups/ --all-features --newformat --all-virtualmin

Then on the backup server I run two cron jobs to restore the backups.

Everything seems to work very good except it does not seem to backup and restore the Virtual Servers Web FTP user accounts.

I appreciate any help\suggestions.



It should definitely backup all the accounts.

Which Virtualmin version is it that you’re using there?

Also, does it backup other accounts, such as email accounts?


I am running 4.07.gpl GPL.

This is a unique installation because I am using Virtualmin to manager our companies many websites. Email is disabled because we have our own Exchange servers that handle company email. I did just check and even though I turn off the email process it still creates the email accounts and yes those accounts are backed up.