awstats working, but IP resolver not working


I’ve had a happy experience with virtualmin thus far. The only issue I’m experiencing that I’m aware of is with awstats:

Under the "Visitors domains/countries (Top 10)" heading, instead of listing the IPs by country I get every single one of them listed as Unknown.

And then under "Hosts (Top 10)" rather than listing a text domain all I see is the IP addresses, showing all of them as unknown (unresolved IP).

Any ideas what my issue is? Could it be in the way I set up the DNS? I think my “Root zone” isn’t working.

Is there any information I can submit to help diagnose?


Joe, are you or anyone else experiencing this?

Also, I’ve discovered recently that the logs on one of my server quits being updated all of a sudden. A quick workaround I did was set a reboot via cron every 5 days.

Here’s a killer website I found to help install geoip, oh and if you want reverse IP to work, set DNSLookup=1 in your /etc/awstats/*.conf files.

I’ve now got a happy awstats installation.