AWstats Reset access logs

Any way to make AWstats reset the access logs for each virtual site after its done?
I’ve got a 1.8gigs file (a apache2 access log) it’s scanning every hour, thats not neccessary.


Awstats shouldn’t run every hour… are you by chance using CentOS? If so, take a peek in /etc/cron.hourly/awstats. If there’s a cron job there, you may want to comment out it’s contents. Virtualmin uses it’s own awstats cron jobs that run once a day.


You are right, it runs only once a day.
It’s just that we have so many websites that it appears so.

However, the Apache access logs doesn’t reset after it is done analyzing it - is it supposed to do so?
In our case, we will end up with serveral apache access logs at GB’s.