awstats problem if first 50 lines of logfile doesn't contain initial browser request

didn’t know how to better summarize the problem. The logfile of my new virtual server just started in an already existing browsing session. Lots of “get” commands but not the initial one which contains the browser version, headers etc. At least not in the first 50 lines. When I tried to generate an AWSTAT report manually, the script thought the logformat is set wrong. So it refused to generate any report.
Switching from “Apache combined” to to “Apache common” was a workaround, but resulting in missing any browser analysis etc.
Afterwards I cut away the initial lines in the log file, starting with an initial line containing all the headers. This solved the problem. AWSTAT started to work…

regards Dirk

I find that problem also, particularly if I create multiple servers manually. For that case I just keep two empty log files and FTP them, overwriting the old files.