Awstats not working

Virtualimin 3.703.gpl
CentOS 5.3

Noticing that none of my AWSTATS reports are showing any stats. Webalyzer runs fine. I tried running from the command line on any given domain with no luck.

anyone else run into this?

Running that from the command line should work. What is the command line you’re using – it’s generally something like:


And then, just make sure that the access logs in are working (they’d be in $HOME/logs/access_log).


Yep, I’m running the exact script:


the logs are in their respective home folders and there are also monthly files in $HOME/awstats of each domain. However, when clicking the view ‘awstats’ link in webmin - I see all 0’s for stats.

Anyone else getting this? Should I file a bug?