AWBS mystery solved

I don’t know which was more difficult fixing the problem or getting the developers to think outside the box.

It was not an Apache2 /CURL problem. The system, though VM was successful creating accounts, would not close out their account creation queue which created a host of other problems when running the CRONS. The API would timeout and crash on their end. It turned out to be their upgraded VM module crashing, in particular including SVM in the API stream.

Solution put in an older module with no SVM call and it works fine.

AWBS goes back to a 4 out of 6 rating for functionality and a wealth of power. Only drawbacks are the website customization and for me trying to get rid of the domains sales built into the system.

Thanks Joe for hanging tough :wink:

Hey Dan,

You’re the hero in this story. :wink:

I’ve been baffled all along, and never really accomplished more than poking at it and going, “hmmmm…”, a lot.

But, it’s excellent news that the problems are now understood and there is a workaround for making AWBS work with Virtualmin on modern systems.

:slight_smile: Well after much weeping, gnashing of teeth and a bit of riding their butts the AWBS billing software appears to be fully functional with VM.

The only drawback is that it can be a php memory hog if it has alot of account creation/deletions queued at the time the cron runs which you can fix by increasing memory allocation ( not a biggy if you can set a dedicated host server for billing and admin).