awbs and virtualmin gpl

Hi all,

Does awbs work with virtualmin gpl?


from their website

Virtualmin Pro Edition - yes
Create, Suspend, Unsuspend, Delete, Upgrade/Downgrade accounts automatically.
Note: AWBS cannot provision VM accounts if AWBS and VM reside on the same server (This is due to Virtualmin code, not AWBS limitations.).

it seems as if gpl version would not work

Nope, It needs the API and that’s in VMPro

Oh, and AWBS can provision accounts on the same box that it resides. That was a bug we got worked out a couple years ago.

what? I see danlong

The complete Virtualmin API is only included in Virtualmin Professional. Virtualmin GPL has all of the basic CRUD functions (Create, Update, Delete) plus listing for the virtual server domain accounts, but none of the Install Scripts, none of the reseller functions, none of the spam/AV stuff, etc. So, perhaps you're using a Virtualmin GPL system and were looking for API scripts that only exist in Virtualmin Professional.
It's bad, why doesn't virtualmin gpl have api?

I can’t speak for Joe or Jamie but it might have to do with a sales argument :stuck_out_tongue:
just my wild guess

Because the API is the money part. It allow’s remote access to everything just about.

AWBS can manage many features, like resellers, that the GPL can’t. So i thinks that AWBS wan’t develop two API for two different version of VM.


No - the GPL version does not support API - has nothing to do with anything else.

Virtualmin GPL does have an API, and the API works the same–it’s just smaller in GPL. List, create, update, and delete functions all exist in both GPL and Professional…and Professional cranks it up with full coverage (everything in the UI is in the command line and remote API). GPL has roughly the same level of API coverage as cPanel or Plesk…it is not an extremely limited piece of functionality, it’s just not as advanced as Virtualmin Professional.

But, reseller accounts are a Professional-only feature (because they are primarily useful when you make money with Virtualmin). Creation of virtual servers is available in both, and it’s in both versions API. The intention is for billing applications to be able to target GPL and Professional without any additional work–they behave identically, so the only different is what is available. Can AWBS not work without a “reseller” account type?

Since it sounds like AWBS doesn’t support anything other than CRUD functionality anyway, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. If it fails, let us know what functions it’s calling that don’t exist in GPL. We’ll add the bits that are needed to make it work (unless resellers are one of the things needed, which won’t happen in immediate future).

But note that our entire business model with Virtualmin GPL vs. Virtualmin Professional is: If you’re using it to make money, we’d like to make a little money, too. Since billing applications are pretty much useless unless your system is for making money…well, we can all do the math there. :wink:

That said, we also understand that billing application vendors like to have a lot of users (don’t we all?) before committing to supporting a new system. So, in the interest of making supporting Virtualmin profitable for billing application providers, we’ve made a limited (but useful and usable) subset of the API available for that very purpose. A billing application provider can thus target our tens of thousands of installations of Virtualmin GPL, as well as our 1500 or so installations of Virtualmin Professional. Hopefully that’s enough to convince them to support Virtualmin.

So, anyone who has AWBS…what Virtualmin API functions does it require? Let’s figure out whether they’re all in Virtualmin GPL.

Oh, yeah…if I were tying an existing billing app into Virtualmin, and it had pre-existing reseller functionality, I would manage the “resellers” outside of Virtualmin entirely, and use the virtual server creation functionality directly. Thus, reseller functionality in Virtualmin would be an unnecessary component…I’ve talked about this in the past. It really depends on how resellers work in AWBS as to whether it needs support in Virtualmin to have a “reseller” of services.