Autoscaling Virtualmin on AWS

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’d like to ask for some advice.
I’m planning to build a setup of Virtualmin on AWS, and I’d like to make it scale.
Here’s what I’m thinking to do on a Centos 7 new instance:

  • mount /home on an EFS filesystem , so it will be shared by many running instances
  • symlink /var/log to /home/log (not mandatory)
  • use Aurora as default MySQL server

Create an AMI with this instance.
Create a load balancer using this AMI and configure auto-scaling.

So, whenever the auto-scaling fires I would have more than one instance running , accessing the same files and databases.
Do you think that is doable? Can you anticipate any problem?

I know that if I create a new virtualserver or new user I’d have recreate the master AMI and set it on the AutoScalingGroup, but I don’t create users or virtualservers often, so that would not be a problem.

But what about the DNS? I host the DNS for my virtual servers… how to I configure it so the records point to the loadbalancer CNAME ? There are some records that must be an A record, right? Any thoughts?

It would be great to make this work.
Please advise,
Thank you

A very merry Christmas to @rogeriobrito and all here!

I scale-enable only those virtual servers that need it.

  • Use /home/domain on multiple virtual servers (on different boxes) and sync files frequently between them
  • use Aurora (or another Virtualmin box) as MySQL server
  • configure load balancer (or Nginx) to keep sessions persistent

This is a rough and ready system which I have devised to meet my own requirements (and without using a shared disk) but there are better ways to scale, I am sure.

I would look forward to insights about alternate approaches from others.

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