Automatically show folder list

When I first log in to Virtualmin, it does not show the list of my folders. Clicking on Manage Folders lists the folders and lets me view them one at a time. However, if I click on the Webmin tab then go back to the Mail tab, the folders present themselves and remain wherever I then navigate to.

The default tab is set to Mail (in Virtualmin Themes Configuration) but I cannot see a way to force the mail tab to show the folders. Is there a way to do it?

I think that’s a bug. May be fixed in the next release of Webmin/Usermin. @Ilia is this a known issue? (I see it, too, but I haven’t seen it happen in the past.)

Is there a way to see a screenshot of what looks broken to you?

I can’t make it happen again (even with shift-reload). After it started showing folders, it always shows folders. Seems like something triggers the folder display, and once it’s happened, it’s good.

It’s simple to describe without a screenshot, though. It just doesn’t show folders. Nothing else to say about it. Where they normally load…they don’t.

Joe is correct but here are some screenshots anyway:

Login (no folders):

Navigate to Usermin tab:

then back to Mail tab:

Now the folders can be seen.

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What happens if you dont switch to usermin interface but press the refresh button right next to the logout button? Do they appear then?

I don’t think they would. It would be just enough to click on Mail tab once again.

I’ve made fixes in this regard in the near past. Could you install latest theme 19.47 from theme configuration page, force reload the page and try again? Once you’re using Safari, you can clear cache in Developer menu.

I saw it happen in Firefox.

Could you please try installing latest Authentic Theme 19.47 and trying again?

May or may not be relevant but I had to install both git and curl before I could force the upgrade.

Opened Usermin and still had to click the mail tab to get folders to show (in chrome as well).

So no change.

The development versions of the theme and Webmin are mostly intended for technical users (who won’t mind having git and curl around, and probably will already have it). Ilia is maybe too enthusiastic about suggesting it to everybody without any concern for how comfortable they are with lower level stuff. Sounds like you figured it out, though, so all is well (except the continued weird behavior). :wink:

Hi Joe,

I replied to the email and it has just bounced back!

I said:

Hi Joe,

It was not the dev version but the latest stable I installed. It was the Force Update button that required git and curl.


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Latest theme release that will be bundled with new version of Webmin and Usermin will solve this issue.