Automatically install Let's Encrypt

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

On a clean install of Ubuntu 20.04 and VirtualMin last night. I’m curious how I can automatically add Let’s Encrypt for domains I add to the server. Thus far, it seems to only install self-signed certificates.

I’ve gone into System Settings > Virtualmin Configuation > SSL Settings >
Request Let’s Encrypt certificate at domain creation time? set to Yes

If I then goto List Virtual Servers, click on a server installed > Enabled features
[Apache SSL website enabled?] checked

I was previously running Virtualmin on Ubuntu 18.04 and would need to install Let’s Encrypt certificates via command line. Is that the preferred method, or can Virtualmin handle this itself?

Thanks for your time.

Answered my own question here.

I’d mistakenly left Virtualmin with the wrong nameserver for the domain I was setting up. Server Configuation > DNS Settings. Once that was correct, went back to Server Configuation > SSL Certificate > Let’s Encrypt - entered the name of the domain in question, clicked request certificate and a few seconds later all was done.

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