Authentic Theme customization

I see in the Authentic Theme that I can customize CSS but I have no idea as to how to go about doing what I want.
I can’t find any inforamation on-line that is useful.

The problem I have is that the Bold/Strong highlighting of unread messages in Usermin is so close to the regular text I can’t really tell much difference. I was hoping that there was some way that I could alter this (possibly changing unread message colour) in order to make unread messages stand out.

Has anyone used the custom CSS under Theme Extensions? Is this where I should be looking to do what I want or is there a better option?

Thanks for any help.

Custom CSS is how you’d go about it. Just figure out the class of the element you want to change, and then add what you want it to do.

For example, this:

.mailbox b { font-size: 120%; color: black; }

That makes the type face for things within b (bold) tags 120% the normal font size, and makes the color of them black (they’re normally a really dark grey). This makes it stand out a lot, but is probably overkill. You probably just want to italicize them, or maybe make them 110% the normal size, or something. But, this example is really easy to know if it’s working (I tested, so you can just drop this into your theme extensions styles.css page and tweak it until you like it). I am not a CSS expert, so any actual style questions are an exercise for the reader…but, this should get you started.

Oh, also make sure you reload the Usermin window after making the change. You have to force it to reload the whole page, in order to get it to pick up style sheet changes.

Thanks so much Joe. That was what I was looking for.

Now I just need to figure out how to do a Select All for checkboxes in the mail list table.

There’s a Select All button for that! Does that not show up for you?

I only see a Delete All button with all the other buttons.

I seem to remember seeing some way to select all when I originally set up Usermin with Authentic but I have not been able to find a way recently. I then figured it was with some other project I was working on.

I’ll check back through my preferences and see if I missed something.

Here’s what it looks like for me:

select all button

I don’t remember there ever being a Delete All button, but maybe there is some kind of option for that. I’m pretty sure my installation is setup with all the defaults from a Virtualmin installation.

Thank you.

I knew I had seen that before. The light blue (grey?) buttons Select all - Invert selection etc. are not visible on my screen.

I figured out that when you select Show buttons at top for and choose never, those buttons disappear altogether.
I believe this is not the intended behaviour. They should still be displayed with the bottom buttons when the selection is set to never.

The Delete All button can be seen when you go to Deleting Email under Preferences and choose:

Show button to delete entire mailbox? Yes / No

Just curious, as I was looking at the CSS and the buttons on the Usermin form I noticed that the IDs for Copy to and Move to are different for the top set and the bottom set (copy1 and move1 vs copy2 and move2.)

Is there a functional reason for this considering all the other top buttons have the same id’s as the bottom?

I’m adjusting their colours to make them easier to see and differentiate.