Authentic Theme Background is TOO LIGHT!

Authentic Theme Background is too Light.

I cannot determine where the entry fields are located and on the EMAIL Filter page the field is not located properly and the entry triggers do not work.

I do not believe the entry triggers should be in the theme in the first place, they should be with Virtualmin so that if things get mis aligned or improperly formed we can still use it.

The point reallly is that we need darker boxes and a darker background to see where the entry boxes are.

Also a little more care about all the pages such as Usermin Email Filters page where it is all screwed up.

Peter, TPN Solutions finally figured out what my problem was, but this little format bug / problem occupied nearly an entire day for me

tracing files and permissions etc, and then finally having Peter realize what my problem really was and figuring it out!


I will let Peter explain in greater technical detail, but this really needs to be fixed IMHO!!

Sorry this sounds like a complaint, but I’ve noticed this background problem before, and this time I really got sucked down a hole.
It needs to be FIXED.