Authentic Theme 21.09.5 release overview

The list of improvements and fixes since version 21.04:

:warning:  The latest version of Authentic Theme 21.09.5 will be shipped with Webmin 2.105 and Usermin 2.005 in the near future.


  • Fix match highlight in file viewer and editor
  • Fix checkbox after content alignment


  • Add CSV export functionality for table data
  • Fix spinners from appearing on top of other content in File Manager
  • Fix to show original size in bytes in file properties in File Manager


  • Fix PHP options page to correctly handle mode-related content in Virtualmin
  • Fix Virtualmin AWStats module configuration page display bugs



  • Add full support for new categories in the Virtualmin navigation menu
  • Add native support for standard accordions using basic HTML
  • Fix status collection module icons display in the dashboard
  • Fix to correctly set error container height in progressive output
  • Fix not to column wrap elements containing single preformatted text tag
  • Fix password preview and generate buttons to act as buttons rather than as submits
  • Fix the positioning consistency for help bubbles
  • Drop usage of data tables in the dashboard
  • Update German translations


  • Fix to correctly handle hotkeys in Gecko browsers
  • Fix to keep correct navigation menu on full page reload
  • Fix copy path to clipboard hotkey in File Manager


  • Add support for numbered and bulleted lists in mail HTML editor
  • Fix Webmin version display in the dashboard
  • Fix multiselect react on double-click, rather than single-click webmin#2019


  • Add ability to hide dotfiles in File Manager #1578
  • Add xz, zstd and plain tar support when creating archives in File Manager webmin#2009
  • Add support to reopen last visited server in Virtualmin on navigation
  • Add support for English (United States) (military time) locale
  • Fix styling issues in System and Server Status module
  • Fix to make teletype texts easily grabbable for better copy/paste experience
  • Fix scroll bar track and thumb colors for better visibility
  • Fix check to determine if the Virtualmin package contains the necessary function #1675
  • Fix inconsistent buttons size in Command Shell module


  • Add support for disabling WebGL rendering addon in Terminal module #1674
  • Add support for mail forward in Usermin #431
  • Fix to correctly save theme config when changing column layout #1671
  • Fix configuration check page in Postfix module
  • Fix missing signature in pop-up mail composer in Usermin


  • Add ability to store password visibility state #1669
  • Fix focus issue in Terminal module on initial load #1667
  • Fix font rendering issues in Terminal module with Firefox
  • Fix tiny alignment issues for various pages using column layout

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