Attempted to move subserver to be a parent server - got DNS errors and now Virtualmin and Webmin pages are blank after login.

I migrated a domain account from a cpanel and imported it into virtualmin. Everything went well. I then wanted to move a subserver domain out from under main (former) cpanel domain to be its own parent domain. I used virtualmin move-domain. I got a DNS error that went past quickly in the shell (could not copy).

Now I can login to Virtualmin, but both the Virtualmin and Webmin tabs are blank and the page is blank. I have backups of all of the virtual servers and the webmin config files, but any fixing has to be done via CLI. The existing websites are running, but I am unable to access virtualmin.

Where do I start?


I had to basically recreate the whole server as I could not find an answer. I’m on to the next problem.