Attachments to Auto Replies

Hey All,
We recently moved to Virtualmin from plesk and haven’t looked back :). We are though having trouble setting up one thing that they had in plesk and that is attachments on auto replies. We have a customer that has an email address setup for customer to request coupons. When the email hits the box, they are sent an email containing a PDF attachment of the coupons.

Doing some digging in the file it looks like there is an option to do this by setting an Autoreply-File: /path/to/file in the auto reply file specific to that user, but I can’t seem to make it work. I get the following error:

Command output: Failed to open
/path/to/file/voucher.pdf : Permission denied

I’ve set the file to be 777 and then chowned it to postfix user, but still no luck. I guess I need to know if I’m even using that setting properly haha, or if there is another way to go about it? Thanks all for any help. Below are the top few lines of my file


Autoreply-File: /path/to/file/voucher.pdf
Dear Customer,


First off, I’m not sure what user would be accessing the file; whether it’s the Postfix user, or the domain owner.

However, whichever user that is – not only would the file you want to send need to be accessible by that user, but all the directories leading up to it would be too.

They just have to be readable by that user, so you don’t need to make the permissions “777”, but perhaps “755”.


Awesome! That worked perfectly. I sometimes forget that the user in question has to be able to chdir all the way down to the file in order to see it. Thanks for the quick response as always Eric :slight_smile: