Assigning new virtual interface to existing server

I am using Virtualmin GPL version.

When adding a new virtual server, where you assign a virtual interface, there you have a checkbox that says ( Already active ) to be able to assign an interface that already exist. That is very good.

However, when changing/updating a virtual server (Edit Virtual Server -> Configurable settings) there is no such checkbox and it’s therefore not possible to assign the server to a new (existing) virtual interface. This is very bad.

Is there any workaround? Possible to patch the code to get the checkbox also under edit server? Or maybe edit the server settings manually to change the assigned interface?

/edit: hmm, after more searching it seems like this feature was added in 3.52. I may attempt to upgrade if no response here soon. I’ll post a reply if I get things working…<br><br>Post edited by: Chris420, at: 2008/06/30 09:12

The only reply you will get here is upgrade to 3.52 – previous versions are not supported.

As Scott mentioned, you should always be running the latest version of Virtualmin. Changes between versions are small, and keeping up to date is really easy with the Security Updates module (or using the software repository for your OS, if you are running any of our supported systems). Upgrading from a really old version to a really new version is far more likely to cause problems–since many releases worth of “a few small changes” becomes “a lot of big changes”, so you’re insuring that upgrades are painful and likely to cause trouble if you’re only upgrading every few months or less often.

And, of course, you’re missing out on cool new features like the very one you’re asking for! :wink: