Assign a domain name to a dedicated IP

Actually when i check one of my IPs > with this website: i found a old domain name that i don’t use.
Do you know were to configure this setting: assign a website to an IP ?
I would like to put the good website.

Many thanks men !

Hi Deby,

I think you can do it in Virtualmin tab, select the virtual domain to be the default for the IP and go to “Server Configuration/Website Options” and select YES in option “Default website for IP address?”, I that will do it!


Hi Leffe, thank you for your answer
I tested and nothing changed cause It seems not to be in this setting.
I want to assign to an IP a domain name
Not assign a website master to another website.
Furthermore, the IP i took for exemple is connected to a domain that I’ve erased from my virtualmin.

It seems there’s a way to set it.

IP >

IP 138.478.393.99 >

Do you know where to find it?


You of course has to do the appropriate settings and set all pointers in your NS (name server) first, that is where you point a name to a IP, and also check your DNS. The data center where our dedi servers are located have a control panel to administrate our Name Servers, but sometimes you have to contact the provider for the NS service to do that.