Are there any attractive Themes available for Virualmin / Usermin

I love the Stress free theme for Webmin, but it seems it does not support Virtualmin and Usermin.

Are there any nice thirdparty themes specifically for Virtualmin and usermin? If so where can I find them and how would they be installed?

From a Hosting reseller perspective It would be nice to have something more visually appealing to the buyers using the front end. I know virtualmin has more robust features, but its not as
pretty as Cpanel’s user interface, and I think the learning curve is lower for novice users at least partly because of the ease of navigation.

From the Stress Free Website…

VirtualMin is not currently supported due to the way this Webmin extension has been implemented. A significant portion of the VirtualMin user-interface and logic is implemented within the default VirtualMin theme rather than in standalone modules. As a consequence, if this theme were to support VirtualMin it would have to replicate all of the logic that is buried within the default theme.

From my perspective this is too much work to achieve and maintain. The moment the VirtualMin developers shift the bulk of their logic out of their default theme and into a standalone module I will look at supporting it.