Are the received postfix emails sent to a wrong subdomain saved anywhere?


I added the DNS records that virtualmin proposed to me. Amongst others, there was this DNS record:

MX @ priority 5

mail. as a virtual subserver of is not existing.
After I set this, I could not receive emails anymore. I noticed this now, 20 days later. In every useraccount of that virtual server (Virtualmin -> edit user -> USER -> email settings), there were new emails correctly displayed: (New mail received 10/02/2019 7:42 PM) But the real folder was not containing any new emails.

Now I’ve removed the DNS record and I can receive emails normally again. But is there a solution in getting these Emails that were sent to the wrong subdomain?
Apart of that, I don’t really get it what the point of that subdomain MX DNS record would be. could someone elaborate?

Thanks alot


what are your other mail related records?

the content for all zone file records show as subdomains. For example

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@adamjedgar No other MX records in my DNS setup