Are my settings correct?

Hello, I am a rookie in the world of VPS and Virtualmin. Coincidentally, my business was hit hard by the pandemic and the crisis. Accordingly, in order not to bankrupt my business, it was absolutely necessary to reduce my expenses by half. I had to stop working with my IT support person.

Now at the moment I am trying to maintain my site and the server (Contabo), which I took recently. As I already mentioned, I don’t understand much about VPS and that’s why I’m asking you to look at the settings I’ve made and tell me if I need to change anything to speed up this site a bit. I took some pictures of the PHP-FPM settings and processes on the server. Please give your opinion.

I use
And WpRocket for more speed

**CentOS 8
**Webmin version: 1.981
**Virtualmin version: 6.16
**Wordpress 5.8.1
**Woocommerce 5.6.0

Hello @armadabg and welcome to the community.

I see you have installed Virtualmin on CentOS 8 and then added Redis etc. post install. You have also added directives to your PHP-FPM pool, which is good, but it then makes assessment subjective.

Prima facie, it all looks good. With Virtualmin, you will be able to run a shared hosting service quite effortlessly, even without a tech. support team.

The two possible gotchas with Contabo is that:

  1. Their default install of Virtualmin is broken - you need to tell them to give you a freshly installed server and then install Virtualmin yourself - see
    Error installing in CentOS VPS on Contabo - #7 by calport
  2. Even when you tell them to give you a freshly installed OS, they add stuff like PHP to it. You must therefore find.and get rid of such things, ideally before installing Virtualmin.

Run Re-Check Configuration to verify that everything is as it should be and feel free to reach out to the community via this forum if you have questions or need assistance.

I ran a re-check and got this. I think everything looks fine? I don’t dig much, excuse me.

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