Apply changed data plan to all users on server

If I change the quota in a data plan and press “Save and Apply”, the news quota is only applied to the admin user of the domain. All other (mail)users still have the “old” quota (in my case unlimited as I turned quota on after setting up several virtual servers).
Is there any way to apply the quota in a data plan to all users of associated servers?



Hi Andy,

Unfortunately, the quota for mail users isn’t specified as part of the Account Plans, that’s a setting in the Server Templates (in Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain -> Default quota for mail users).

The issue there is that changing the Server Template only affects new accounts, not existing ones.

If you have a lot of mailbox users, the best you can do is write a script to look through the output of the command line tools (such as “virtualmin list-users all-domains”), and then run “virtualmin modify-user --quota NNN” on each line of the output.