Apparent virtualmin confusion on Postfix virtual domains and aliases

I’ve been using postfix for a while, and feel comfortable with many of its ins and outs. I just ran into a virtualmin challenge that has me thinking the design of virtualmin may be making some (possibly invalid) configuration assumptions overlaid on top of how postfix actually functions.

The postfix virtual file supports at least three generic types of virtual alias definition:

  1. Virtual Domain
    dom.ain <anything>
    This is required for any virtual domain. <anything> is literally any text. I use it to describe the domain (usually preceded by DOMAIN: to highlight the line :wink: )

  2. Normal virtual email alias
    user@dom.ain target-address
    Target-address can be any combination of local (user) or fulll (user@dom.ain) addresses

  3. Wildcard virtual email alias
    @dom.ain target-address
    Same as #2, but receives all other user emails for the domain. (Be careful in use, as this can gather a lot of spam quickly!)

I have a virtual file that provides definitions for a dozen or so virtual domains, and a hundred or more virtual aliases.


Under Edit Users → (user xyz) → Email Settings → Additional Email Addresses, I see:

  • One virtual alias (user@dom.ain) that does point to user xyz
  • Two wildcard aliases (@dom.ain) that also point to user xyz

Here’s a few issues:

  • I can’t save ANY edits. Virtualmin complains “The additional email domain ‘dom.ain’ is not managed by Virtualmin” due to the wildcard aliases – yet those domains are properly defined in the virtual file.
  • A number of virtual aliases have multiple targets: abc, xyz – and xyz doesn’t list those
    … no surprise to me I think :wink:

So, some questions and ideas:

  • How do I get virtualmin to recognize these virtual domains?
  • Could it be that the way virtualmin stores a virtual domain in the virtual file is a requirement? (it duplicates the domain name in the right-hand <anything> field)
  • Is it a problem to have multiple right-hand-side targets for a virtual alias?


Operating system Debian Linux 10
Webmin version 1.981
Usermin version 1.823
Virtualmin version 6.17-3
Authentic theme version 19.83-2

hi - what is that? manual or question or?

I see what you mean, @MrPete. It would be nice if Virtualmin could integrate deeply enough with Postfix to support this enhanced functionality - and such a thing may already be built into Virtualmin because I remember seeing an ‘all sub-domain’ check box somewhere which is kept off by default.

Let me see if I can find it and also determine if it applies only to Apache httpd or also cascades down to Postfix.

It’s also a question of supporting things like:

  • Alias that delivers to multiple target email addresses
  • Wildcard aliases in general (this has nothing to do with subdomains)

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