API Not showing the disk usage

We are currently building a system that consults the API from our virtualmin server obtaining the list of servers using list-domains just fine. The problem is that it it does not seem to show any disk usage for the virtual servers. Is there something that we are doing wrong ?

Command we use : ?program=list-domains&json=1&multiline=

Thanks for any help as we have been trying to resolve this for a few days.

I’m missing this on one of my Pro servers and a GPL server. It’s on my to-do list to open a Pro ticket about it one of these days. Someone else did and there was a reply that it was a known bug that it would be fixed in short order, but the next update didn’t fix it. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for that craigh - I thought I was losing my marbles to be honest, being thick and not activating a setting or something!
So for now we have to wait. Do let me know if you hear any progress on it as I would like to upgrade our system.


Thanks for any help as we have been trying to resolve this for a few days.

Is command virtualmin returns something, if ran from console or it gives command not found output?

For our system it does return the whole list-domains output which is great but there doesn’t seem to be any disk space usage information in it.

It’s not exactly the same issue (I just think it’s connected), but I’ve opened the ticket here:


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