Hey guys, I did a quick search for this but didn’t find anything on the topic.

I need to set up a hosting platform that’s completely automated. I’m part of a freeware game hosting site set up and would like to offer subversion repositories and possibly Web space/MySQL DBs to open source developers, however I would like to have it all automated. I was looking over the API and the only thing I don’t see how to do is setting up a SVN repository. I believe SVN is a module for Virtualmin, but is there any way to set up repositories and manage them from a remote script?

Thanks for the help!

The obvious solution would be to configure your Server Template(s) to allow creation of SVN repositories–then you virtual server owners could create their own repositories.

But, completely automating it from the command line isn’t entirely do-able in any obvious way I can see. One of the earliest Virtualmin deployments was for exactly this purpose, and I used a post-create script to create the Subversion repository, which is somewhat less clean feeling.

You might want to file a "Request" ticket to see if Jamie has any feeling about how easy it would be to make plugins participate in the API.

Thanks for replying so quickly, Joe!

Yeah, I would normally just allow Subversion access, except I don’t want them to ever be able to login to virtualmin (or usermin). It should be transparent.

Maybe just allowing some more options for Subversion repositories in the Server Templates would help with stuff like this. To maybe make a default subversion repository.

How would I make a post-create script?

It’d definitely be awesome, though, if plugins could provide API functionality. This way I’m not stepping on Virtualmin’s feet, and don’t have to worry about updating my scripts if something changes. How would I go about putting in a request ticket?

Is there a way I’d be able to use the virtualmin svn Perl scripts to set everything up, by passing in the parameters it needs, or something?