apf issue


I have Virtualmin installed in a dedicated server in Canada.
Operating system CentOS Linux 5.9
Webmin version 1.620 Virtualmin version 3.99.gpl GPL
I installed apf-bfd firewall to automatically and manually add unwanted IPs
Behavior is odd.
Domains with external nameservers are accessed from everywhere but those having local NS cannot be accessed from several IPs I’ve tested.
From my country I was able to navigate one of almost not accessible domain websites and SOME of its subdomains.

Some settings

Common inbound (ingress) TCP ports


Common outbound (egress) TCP ports


Common outbound (egress) UDP ports


I need a clue on what to check/test to get it work.
Thank you,

PS: I did some silly things like to add some ips to allow.hosts like and host and dns IPs. After that some extra domains were accessible