apache2 does not start


all of a sudden apache2 does not start
error given below

User cannot occur within section

Please help. Thanks.

It seems the Apache config got garbled somehow. We need more info for that though, like in what file does the error occur? When you go to the Webmin Apache module and click the “Apply changes” link in the top-right, it should give you more details about the error.


Have given below error code:

Failed to start apache :
Starting httpd: Syntax error on line 1570 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:
User cannot occur within section

websites were working normally and all of a sudden apache2 does not start now.
the above errors were shown for 2 other domains also.

When i deleted those domains along with apache directives, the error again crops up for other domains’ apache directives.

Pls help. thanks.

Okay, unfortunately I can’t say anything about this without actually seeing the httpd.conf file in question. Car repair services also need to see your car to evaluate problems. :wink:

Can you upload it - after making sure it doesn’t contain personal information - to some text pasting website like pastebin.com?


Thanks for the revert.
I deleted 2 of my other domains and now apache is starting …
still dont know what actually happened to the apache directives…

will revert to you if i again encounter problem.

thanks again